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Dedrone RF-100 RF Sensor – $19,000 $9,999 (1 available)

The software in combination with the RF Sensor is able to detect drones and remote controls by their radio frequency (RF) signatures. We detect all drones connected through RF or WiFi, including the entire DJI product line​.

Early Warning System

The RF sensor constantly searches a wide frequency band, classifying signals so customers get early warnings — often before drones are even in the air.

Start Protecting Your Airspace Now

Nearly all commercially-available drones use radio signals, both to receive control commands from the remote control and to transmit data such as video or telemetry. Dedrone has significantly improved the performance of its RF sensor to detect these radio signals.

The greatest benefits for customers are

  • increased detection range
  • early alerting of switched-on remote controls
  • reliable classification of drones



RF-100 Special

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